You are currently viewing Sangeet Devbabhali Marathi Natak Review – Now Embark On A 120 Minutes of Spiritual Musical Odyssey With Sant Tukaram’s Abhanga!
Sangeet Devbabhali Marathi Natak

Sangeet Devbabhali Marathi Natak Review – Now Embark On A 120 Minutes of Spiritual Musical Odyssey With Sant Tukaram’s Abhanga!

If you want to truly discover the devotion of Sant Tukaram and his melodious abhangas, in the most auspicious and mesmerising way, then Sangeet Devbabhali, written and directed by Prajakt Deshmukh, is the play for you.

Sangeet Devbabhali is a story devoted towards Sant Tukaram, a dedicated devotee of Lord Vitthal, her wife Avli (played by Shubhangi Sadavarte) and Lord Vitthal’s wife in disguise – Lord Rakhumai (played by Mansi Joshi). 

This being a 55th play by Bhadrakali Productions, is definitely worth watching for.  

As the curtain opens, the audience loses themselves in the harmonious abhangas of Sant Tukaram with stunning lighting, live tabla, harmonium and other musical instruments. Yes, all the abhangas and melodies sung in Sangeet Devbabhali are sung live with live tabla and harmonium.

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The plot of Sangeet Devbabhali starts with Sant Tukaram’s wife, Avali, searching for him daily, but one fateful afternoon, a wild thorn sticks to her leg, causing her to lose her consciousness and balance. When she wakes up from her pain, she finds herself in her own home, besides a mysterious woman named Lakhubai – indeed, Lord Rakhumai.

Sangeet Devbabhali Marathi Natak is set in a time when societal norms showcased that women stay in unhappy marriages. Both Avali and Lakhubai find themselves in secondary positions in the lives of their husbands. Despite coming from a rich and wealthy family, Avali chooses to continue staying with her husband, while Lakhubai struggles with her own marital difficulties.

Sangeet Devbabhali Cast
Sangeet Devbabhali Cast

In spite of the initial bickering in the first half of the play, the two women start forming a very close bond, just like sisters who can understand each other’s pain, struggles, and loneliness. Through comical and heartwarming moments, they come to empathise with each other’s struggles and find solace in their friendship. 

One of the most beautiful and heart-touching scenes is when Lakhubai encourages Avali to let go of all her burdens in her life and enjoy the beauty of the rain droplets. This scene enthrals the audience with numerous applause and praises. Watching this will surely give you goosebumps. 

Lakhubai is, in reality, Lord Rakumai, the wife of Lord Vitthal, who has come to help Avali and seek answers from her husband about his actions as it is told that Lord Vitthal himself came to remove the thorn from Avli’s leg. Rakumai seeks answers from Lord Vitthal about his actions of touching a common women’s feet, and that’s how the story becomes engaging and interesting. 

Sangeet Devbabhali
Sangeet Devbabhali

Did Rakumai find her answers?

Did Avali recognise her divine hostess? Well, for this, you need to watch Sangeet Devbabhali.

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Sangeet Dev Babhali has already completed 380 plays and promises to bring to life the story and the devotion of Sant Tukaram through a musical journey of old and new abhanga that will transport you on a mindful, spiritual journey of 90 minutes. Get ready to be lost in the soulful melodies and insightful lyrics of Sangeet Dev Babhali.

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