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Kon Mhanta Takka Dila a newly launched Marathi Natak which is a bold and satire-based Marathi play that aims to talk about the still unnoticed and untalked gap between caste and the untouchables.
Aaji Bai Jorat - As mentioned in its tagline - “पहिलं AI महाबालनाट्य”, it is truly stands true to the same. Aaji Bai Jorat Marathi Natak is truly a testament to the Marathi Stage and the limits it can reach. This Maha Bala Natak is filled with multiple elements of surprise, thrill, and fun, something that you would have never even imagined as a part of a theatrical on-stage show. In short, watching Aaji Bai Jorat is simple a cinematic experience in itself.
A lovely and cute Marathi Natak showing the story of an old age couple who are in their 70s and enjoying their old age life. Starring the very famous and sweet duo - Mangesh Kadam and Leena Bhagwat, Evalese Rop is presented in a very emotional and heartful way.
Patra Patri - A cute and adorable visual enactment play or as said by Vijay Kenkre - “एक द्रूक अविष्कार”, is basically a sweet conversation of handwritten letters between two characters in their 50s & 60s - Tatyasaheb and Madhavrao. The character of Tatyasaheb is played by our beloved and lovely Dilip Prabhavalkar and the character of Madhavrao is played by Vijay Kenkre. Fortunately, I had the chance to watch one of their first opening shows, and I must say, I was impressed by how soothing and sweet the entire format of the play was set and delivered. Therefore, this is my short review blog of Patra Patri.
Lagapa Marathi Natak is a story of a father and a son. This newly launched Marathi Natak aims to spread a very needed lesson and message to its audience. This lesson is something which I believe, every child should learn at some point in their life. During an interview with VeryFirstTale, Dhananjay Jamdar (Artist Playing The Father’s Role) said,”जगात बिनकामाच अस काहीच नाही. म ती वस्तू असो कि व्यक्ती. हे सांगणार लगपा हे नाटक आहे. ” Lagapa Marathi Natak, directed by Shrikant Jadhav, is such a play that is much needed in today's real life. It shares a truth that is often the most relatable.
Rakshas Shaktiman Mula Yuktiman is a must-watch, entertainment-filled, full-on enjoyment Bal Natak (children's play). This 2-hour Play is packed with the perfect package of fun and enjoyment for kids. Moreover, it aims to spread an important message for today's kids which makes it really worth watching.
Mastermind - A suspense-thriller Marathi Natak directed by our very beloved Vijay Kenkre, starring Aastad Kale and Aditi Sarangdhar. Although Mastermind Natak is a suspense-filled Marathi Play, and sharing any scene or moment might just spoil the thrill and suspense. However, here’s a short personal review blog of this Natak in which you will definitely find some glimpses and insights about the Natak without actually revealing the suspense.
I Am Punglya Sharukya Agimahul - A heart-touching and eye-opening Marathi Natak based on the backdrop of the Fasepardhi community. It is a thrilling play that portrays a deep reflection of the then and current societal norms against the Pardhi community and its people. Furthermore, I Am Punglya Sharukya Agimahul, a recipient of 14 awards including recognition of “A” Level status by the Maharashtra Government, is inspired by real-life events and challenges encountered by the Fasepardhi community. Fortunately, I got a chance to watch its 51st Show at Vishnudasbhave Natygruha Vashi, the Natak has just touched my soul in the most beautiful way. Therefore, this is my personal review blog of the Marathi Play I Am Punglya Sharukya Agimahul.
Bai Wadyatun Jaa is a horror, comedy & thrill-packed new Marathi Natak starring Digambar Naik and Sonali Patil. The story of Bai Wadyatun Jaa Natak revolves around six people who get trapped inside the house (Wada). The Natak showcases the ways in which these six people find a way out of the house. But in a very sweet, comedy, and cheerful way.