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Friend Request talks about the unforeseen effects and consequences of what a simple ‘Friend Request’ on Facebook can cause in our lives.
The narrative of Galib is intriguing with astonishing suspense – something beyond your anticipation. Believe me, as you engross yourself in the play, time slips away unnoticed, and you become completely immersed in its gripping storylines. The suspense gives you those thrill chills you rarely witness in today's Marathi Nataks. From a personal perspective, I was astounded by the suspense this play unfolds – an experience that can only be truly witnessed and felt when seen live.
Chinna Natak revolves around a family of four, consisting of a middle-aged couple and their son and daughter. The head of the household, portrayed by Abhay Janardhan Pair, has developed a habit of regular drinking, which has led to financial challenges for the family.
To begin with, the story of Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi revolves around a husband (played by Akshay Mudwadkar) and wife (played by Akshaya Naik), the quintessential couple, who are dealing with the ups and downs of their married life in their old age. However, there's a twist. The husband becomes very anxious, thinking about the inevitability of death. In addition to this, this continuous thought and fear of anytime death leads him to believe that this might be his last chance to spill all his secrets to his wife. Now, what follows is a cascade/chain of confessions that the husband makes to his wife. This in turn, sets the stage for comedy in chaos and the following situational comedic interactions. And this is what sets the plot of Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi. But to know what exactly these secrets are, you need to watch their upcoming show of Chuk Bhul Dyavi Ghyavi.
217 Padmini Dham Marathi Natak is truly a thriller and a magical theatrical gem you would get to witness nowadays. It's a perfect blend of thrill, suspense, magic, love, music and whatnot. It encapsulates the perfect mix of excitement, anticipation, enchantment, romance, musicality, and more. The story of 217 Padmini Dham Natak revolves around a young couple whose love story is hindered by the stark differences in boy’s and the daughter's dad’s social statuses.
Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy Natak is all about the story that sheds light on the only political assassination where the assailant didn't bother planning an escape. Nathuram Godse (Played By Saurabh Gokhale), the man in the centre spotlight, shares his opinions and multiple motives for the audacious act of taking Mahatma Gandhi's life. This Natak takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the mind of a man who willingly surrendered, even after being fully aware that a death sentence awaited him.
Mad Sakharam is a comedy Marathi Natak written by P.L Deshpande in 1974 as a response to the opposition of the originally written Sakharam Binder Natak.
Aapan Yanna Pahilat Ka Natak is about a middle-aged couple who are in their late forties and who seem to have a happy and settled marriage. Moreover, they also think they are best friends with each other, but is this really the case?
American Album Natak is the story of an Indian family (a mother, a father and their American-born daughter) based in America.