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My Wife's 8th Vachan, written & directed by Atul Satya Kaushik is a funny and family-friendly play by The Films and Theatre Society that lasts for around eighty-five minutes. It takes inspiration from our marriages and explores the puzzling concept of "marriage."
Sankarshan via Spruha is a musical and entertainment experience that involves sharing Sankarshan and Spruha’s funny stories from the past, from their acting career and experiences, followed by melodious poems by Maharashtra’s legendary poets.
Hoy Mi Savarkar Boltoy Natak has a beautiful narrative that perfectly portrays the essence of Veer Savarkar's life on the stage. The writer’s masterful storytelling will surely take you on an emotional rollercoaster, drawing you into the world of one of India's most celebrated freedom fighters.
Diet Lagn Natak showcases light-hearted comedy and profound insights into relationships. Through the engaging storyline and brilliant performances, it effectively communicates the importance of nurturing our relationships, just like we do Diet for our physical health.
Hich Tar Family Chi Gammat Aahe is a full-on comedy & Paisa Vasool Natak by Sagar Karande. He effortlessly steals the spotlight in entertaining us all. It not only promises to entertain you but also spreads a lovely & important social message to us.
Bokya Satbande Natak, directed by Vikram Patil and Deepthi Joshi, is a sweet and appealing Natak that not only entertains but also provides valuable life lessons
Gajab Tichi Adaa Natak is a spectacular musical Marathi Natak with beautiful dances, songs, and a strong social message to take back home.
Yada Kadachit Returns Natak aims to raise awareness towards the heartbreaking plight of farmers in rural India. It serves as a wake-up call, reminding us of the pressing need to support our farmers with an engaging storyline that aims to capture the essence of this serious issue and compels the audience to reflect on the state of our agricultural communities.
The story of Sumi And Amhi revolves around Medha (played by Savita Malpekar), Anand (played brilliantly by Mohan Joshi), and Sumi (played with extreme sweetness by Shraddha Pokharankar). This natak captures the essence of the parent-child bond, highlighting the challenges faced by both generations in understanding and accepting each other's perspectives.