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5 ways you can support our blog, Media kit

Welcome to Very First Tale, a blog created with the intention of sharing my travel experiences and inspiring others to explore the world. I am passionate about travel and believe in the power of creating unforgettable moments. Through Very First Tale, I aim to encourage my readers to create their own cherished memories.

Do check out the About Me section of our blog to get a proper understanding and the objective of my blog. 

At Very First Tale, I focus on providing high-quality reviews across various categories, offering valuable insights to my readers while also helping brands connect with their target audience. Here’s an overview of the services that I would love to offer –

  • Product Reviews 
  • Restaurant Reviews 
  • Marathi Natak Reviews
  • Hotel Stay Reviews
  • Place Reviews
  • Cultural Centre Reviews
  • Tourist Places Reviews, etc 

My Audience & Reader Base – 

  • University / College Students
  • Youngsters
  • Teenagers

Very First Tale’s Monthly Statistics – 

  • 3000-3200 Monthly Unique Visitors
  • 3500 – 4000 Monthly Blog Clicks
  • 100+ Active Email Newsletter Subscribers 

I pride myself on my professionalism, integrity, and commitment to delivering high-quality content to my readers. Collaborating with Very First Tale ensures exposure to a diverse, young, and engaged audience who are passionate about various topics.

In addition to this, also have a look at the various Ways In Which You Can Support Our Blog as well. 

In case you are looking for collaborations, sponsored posts, or any inquiries, please Contact Me at I look forward to working with you and creating valuable partnerships.

Thank you for considering Very First Tale. I am excited to embark on a creative journey together!

Note: This media kit serves as a general overview of my services. I am open to discussing customised collaborations and tailoring our content to meet your specific requirements.