You are currently viewing Devmanus Marathi Natak Review – Now Watch A Powerful Story of a Doctor’s Journey to War-Torn Countries With A Compelling Plot of Sacrifice, Compassion and Humanity!
Devmanus Marathi Natak

Devmanus Marathi Natak Review – Now Watch A Powerful Story of a Doctor’s Journey to War-Torn Countries With A Compelling Plot of Sacrifice, Compassion and Humanity!

As someone who is always on the lookout for thought-provoking Marathi Nataks, I was thrilled to get a chance to watch Devmanus Marathi Natak, written by Shantanu Chandratre and directed by Jayesh Apte. It is a powerful portrayal of the distinction between being a human and becoming one.

The story follows the journey of a Doctor, played brilliantly by Shripad Deshpande, who volunteers to treat war-affected patients in countries like Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Ukraine through Doctor On War Front. An organisation that sends doctors from all over the world to war-spread countries to help war patients and aid humanity. 

As the curtain opens, we witness the Doctor’s quest and his struggles to uncover the true essence of humanity. It all starts as he embarks on his first volunteering operation to war-hit Syria. Most importantly, it’s the doctor’s journey in search of finding humanity which has been lost amidst the horrors of war. 

The plot of Devmanus is wonderfully set and showcases the ground reality of the harsh consequences of war. 

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Devmanus is not your run-of-the-mill natak. It raises some crucial questions about war, violence, and the importance of communication. Today, we are happily living our life with our loved ones, but have you wondered what it is to have a home in a war-spread country? Yes, Devmanus takes us exactly to the time and place where people are surviving to be alive. 

Is war really the only solution? 

Can conversations and understanding be a more effective way of resolving conflicts?

Can wars and fights solve every problem? 

Can simple conversations instead of war win an argument?

Are fights and wars really necessary?

Well, to find answers to this question, you must watch Bhadrakli Production’s 58th Marathi Natak – Devmanus. 

The answers to these questions might not be straightforward, but the cast of Devmanus does an exceptional job of highlighting these important conversations among us. It is one such Marathi Natak that has taken up a very important and sensitive topic, one that needs to be heard and seen by todays youth and the young.

What makes Devmanus stand out is the way it sheds light on the lives of common people from Syria, Yemen, and Iraq who have lost everything due to ongoing wars. It takes us on a journey to war-spread countries, where survival is a daily struggle. The set designers have done an excellent job of creating a realistic and perfect depiction of the devastation caused by war.

Devmanus Marathi Natak
Devmanus Marathi Natak – Set

The lighting, music and the smoke effect are other highlights of Devmanus. The effects are perfectly timed and add an extra layer of depth to the natak. The use of music to convey emotions is very impressive. Be prepared to be thrilled with the sudden musical effects of gunshots and bombings. 

One of the heart-touching moments of this Marathi natak is a musical video shown during the last few scenes. A song portraying the hope to live happily ever after these devastating wars. 

Not to mention the amazing job done by the artists and cast (kalakaar) of Devmanus – Shripad Deshpande, Pranav Prabhakar, Durgesh Budhkar, Aashish Chandrachud, Sharvari Pethkar, and Rutuja Pathak. Each one of them has done justice to their characters. 

The Marathi natak Devmanus is a testament to the power of storytelling and a reminder of the importance of empathy and understanding. Kudos to the entire team behind it for creating such a remarkable piece of work.

We strongly suggest watching Devmanus Marathi Natak at least once. 

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