Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak
Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak

Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak Review – Now Watch A Perfect Story Of Self Dependent, Modern & Happy Parents!

Today’s youth wants complete freedom from their parents when they turn 18! Similarly, don’t you think parents should also be given the freedom from their sons’ and daughters’ responsibilities and tasks, at least after the age of 60? Sanjya Chhaya, written by Prashant Dalvi and directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni, has now come again to the Marathi Natyagruha with a great story, a convincing plot, a fantastic cast, and a lesson to learn from.

Plot Of Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak

The plot of Sanjya Chhaya revolves around an old aged couple who have started a Happiness Center to help people who are in need, and that too for free. If we had to tell more about this happiness centre, then it’s a charity group comprised of motivated retired professionals such as a police officer, a lawyer, a doctor, and a teacher. In short, it’s a place where they offer assistance to those in need without any charge. Their main aim is to strive for the needy ones and to spread happiness and joy wherever and whenever possible.

Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak
Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak Sanjya Chhaya

This happiness centre, created by Sanjya Patil and Chhaya Patil, is something that keeps these two self-sufficient, self-reliant, self-dependent, busy and happy. Vaibhav Mangle plays the role of Sanjya Patil extremely well, and Nirmiti Sawant plays the role of Chhaya Patil, and of course, it is top-notch as well.

As the curtain opens, the natak takes a leisurely pace in the first half as it introduces us to the main characters  Sanjya who is a former vice secretary of the Maharashtra Government, and Chhaya, who operates a tiffin and meal service for office-going people. The story might not grip you at the start, but believe me; it has a great message to convey at the end.

Prashant Dalvi has written the dialogues so beautifully that they are so heartwarming, and they might just make you a little emotional. Yes, Sanjya Chhaya is an emotional Marathi Natak. It speaks to your hearts.

Story Of Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak

The story of the Sanjya Chhaya is about this old couple whose kids have settled away from them, one in the United States and one in Delhi. Sanjya and Chhaya both are of modern thinking and look towards the world in a much broader and open way.

Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak Stage

And that’s why they have given all their freedom to their kids. Even when it comes to their marriage, their kids have full freedom to choose with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives. With only one condition, whatever the consequences of their decisions are, good or bad, it’s entirely their responsibility in the end.

With this thought, the Natak progresses, and both their sons eventually marry and are about to become parents. Since both of them need help with handling and taking care of a newborn baby, they ask their mother, Chhaya, to come and stay with them for more than a year. Just to look after and take care of their newborns.

And that’s the point where things start to pick up, and it becomes even more enjoyable than the first half. Sanjya and Chhaya both try to teach a lesson to their sons, who have taken their parents for granted. As they believe that their parents have a lot of free time since they are retired. 

Now does Chhaya go to their sons to look after their newborns? Well, to know the answer to this question, you definitely need to watch Jigisha Creations and Ashtavinayak produced – Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak.

The main aim of Sanjya Chhaya is how the audience learns the key to confronting any challenge with a broad smile. It teaches the audience to always find something that makes them happy and keeps them busy during their old age.

Cast (Kalakaar) Of Sanjya Chhaya Marathi Natak

The whole cast of Sanjya Chhaya deserves a round of applause for their outstanding performance! Kudos to the entire cast (Kalakaar) of Sanjya Chhaya – Sandip Jadhav, Ashirwad Marathe, Rajas Sule, Mohan Satam, Abhay Joshi, Sunil Abhyankar, Yogini Chouk, Nirmiti Sawant, and Vaibhav Mangle.

The brilliant acting of Nirmiti Sawant and Vaibhav Mangle does stand out and makes the natak even more enjoyable to watch. 

Sanjya Chhaya is a very relaxing and slow-pacing Marathi Natak! It’s a must-watch for both today’s youth and retired people above the age of 60. So, if you get a chance to watch this play, do watch it and enjoy the beautiful story and acting.

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