Marathi Natak Khara Khara Sang
Marathi Natak Khara Khara Sang

Marathi Natak Khara Khara Sang – Now Watch A Hilarious Take on Extra-Marital Affairs With Aanand Ingale’s Phenomenal Acting!

Marathi theatre has always been known for its unique blend of entertainment and social commentary. Especially after the pandemic, the Marathi Natak sector has seen rapid growth in the production of new Nataks with fresh perspectives. And the latest addition to the list is the Badaam Raja Productions produced – Marathi Natak Khara Khara Sang, directed by Vijay Kenkre and written by Neeraj Shirvaikar. This Marathi Natak explores the theme of extra-marital affairs and the consequences that follow.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the plot, story, and cast (Kalakaar) of the Khara Khara Sang Natak and why it is a must-watch for theatre lovers. 

Plot Summary of Khara Khara Sang – A Weekend Getaway Goes Wrong!

Khara Khara Sang revolves around the story of 4 characters – Ankur, played splendidly by Aanand Ingale and his wife Urmila, played by Rujuta Deshmukh. Along with Ira, played by Sulekha Talwalkar and his husband Rajat, played by Rahul Mehendale.

Marathi Natak Khara Khara Sang
Khara Khara Sang Anand Ingale Rujuta Deshmukh

As the curtain opens, the natak talks about Ankur and Ira who are involved in an extra-marital affair. They plan a weekend getaway with each other to spend some more time and bring back the young love and passion by lying to their respective spouses. 

However, their plan backfires on them with hilarious twists and turns when they discover that their spouses are laying a trap actually to confront them.

As the natak progresses, Ankur and Ira find themselves caught in a web of lies as they try to hide their weekend getaway from their respective spouses, desperately trying to salvage the situation. The situation quickly goes out of control, leading to a series of hilarious events and misunderstandings.

This is the point where Khara Khara Sang Natak gives the best to its audience – The excellent performance done by Aanand Ingale. While the story may not be the strongest point of this Natak, Aanand Ingale’s impeccable acting in Khara Khara Sang Natak elevates it to a must-watch comedy natak. His acting keeps the audience engaged and entertained throughout the Natak. 

Why Should You Watch Khara Khara Sang Natak?

Marathi Natak Khara Khara Sang
Aanand Ingale Sulekha Talwalkar

Badaam Raja Productions produced – Khara Khara Sang Natak is a hilarious take on a serious issue. This Natak highlights the repercussions of cheating and the importance of honesty in a relationship. But instead of preaching, this Natak uses humour to convey its message.

One more thing that needs to be appreciated is the set of this Natak. The set designers have done a good job, as you get to witness different room backgrounds and colours as the scene changes. All this happens in just a few seconds of black-out.

In conclusion, Khara Khara Sang Marathi Natak is a must-watch play for anyone who loves Aanand Ingale. It offers a unique blend of humour and highlights an important issue, making it an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience. 

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