Safarchand Marathi Natak
Safarchand Marathi Natak

6 Reasons Why You Must Watch Safarchand Marathi Natak! – Now Take A Trip To The India’s Most Beautiful Paradise, Kashmir!

Jammu and Kashmir – India’s most beautiful paradise is now on a theatre stage. Yes, you read it right; you can now experience the essence and feel of Kashmir by watching the newly launched Safarchand Marathi Natak, directed by Rajesh Joshi and written by Sneha Desai. 

Luckily, I witnessed Sargam + Amardeep Produced – Safarchand Natak at Ram Ganesh Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane, on 24th February 2023. And it was an experience I cannot forget. Safarchand is a journey of thrill, fun, and beautiful sets, and here are six reasons why you must watch Safarchand Natak. 

Safarchand Marathi Natak
Safarchand Marathi Natak Mohammed and Shamlaal

#1 India’s Most Beautiful Paradise Now On Stage with ‘Firta Rangamanch’

Are you ready for a breathtaking experience that transports you to one of India’’s most beautiful paradises? Then look no further than the incredible stage production of Safarchand Marathi Natak. With a brilliant stage design by Sandesh Bendre, you get to witness a live Rotatable Stage (Firta Rangamanch), leaving you just awestruck. 

As the curtain opens, Safarchand Natak gives its audience a powerful and grand opening with an iconic recreated scene of Mohammed (played by Shantanu Moghe) boating in Dal Lake. The opening scene is definitely stunning, creating a lasting impact that sets the tone and theme of the entire production unit.

Personally speaking, watching Safarchand Natak is truly an emotional rollercoaster. It surely gives you goosebumps. Moreover, it is thought-provoking and paisa vasool Marathi Natak. Worth every penny you spend. 

#2 Excellent Script And Dialogue Delivery

The dialogue delivery in Safarchand Natak is exceptional. The artists deliver their lines with incredible precision and depth. The emotions and intentions of every artist are conveyed with great skill, leaving the audience fully engrossed and gripped in the story. Kudos to its writer – Sneha Desai. 

Safarachand is a remarkable example of the power of theatre and its ability to convey complex emotions and issues through masterful storytelling. Something that cannot be missed at all. 

One of the most interesting things of this Natak is the language of its dialogues; some of them are in Hindi, and some of them are in Marathi. Which means if you can understand Hindi, you will have no difficulties in understanding this Natak. Its an experience for each one of you.

#3 Gigantic Set With Snow, Light, Fire & Fog Effects

The set of Safarchand Natak is definitely going to leave a lasting impression on you. Thanks to its magnificent set design by Sandesh Bendre. The set is just a true work of art. You get to witness stunning snow effects, on-time perfect lighting, fire-burning effects, and fog effects that will definitely transport you to the heart of the Jammu and Kashmir valley. It just feels all real at the moment as you get to witness artificial snowfall and fog effects. 

Most importantly, Mata Sanman 2023 has also nominated Safarchand Natak for Best Stage Design, Best Director, Best Lighting, and Best Background Music. We wish them all the best for the same. 

Safarchand Marathi Natak Set
Safarchand Marathi Natak Set

#4 A Thrilling Journey & Story To Spread A Message Of Peace

Safarchand Marathi Natak is a touching and powerful story that takes place in the village of Khanpora on the LOC (Line Of Control). This Marathi Natak portrays the struggles faced by the Hindus & Muslims of the beautiful Jammu and Kashmir through the experiences of its artists (Kalakaars)

During the first few scenes, you can see Mohammed, Shyamlal, Anwar, and Jhelum, all strangers to each other, crossing paths that will eventually form a bond that lasts forever. Each artist passionately expresses what they stand for and their positivity. They promise peace throughout the valley.

This Natak is a beautiful portrayal of the human experience and the power of humanity. The play’s message is both heartwarming and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impact on its viewers. Safarchand Marathi Natak is a remarkable piece of theatre that is not to be missed. It’s a touching and inspiring story that will leave you feeling both moved and uplifted. 

The story revolves around a Pakistani Militant – Ibrahim (played by Sanjay Jamkahndi), Indian Army Jawan – Jhelum (played by Sharmila Shinde), Shamlaal (played by Pramod Shelar), and Mohommed (played by Shantanu Moghe). 

Safarchand Marathi Natak Kalakaar
Safarchand Marathi Natak Snow Effect

Cross-border tensions across the Line of Control (LOC) bring Ibrahim and Jhelum face-to-face in a crossfire. Tragically, both of them get hit by a bullet, rendering them unconscious on the spot. Upon hearing the gunshots, Mohammed and Shyamlal rush to see what exactly happened. 

Exhibiting the true essence of humanity, Mohammed decides to take both Jhelum and Ibrahim to his house. This is where the real excitement begins as an enemy and a friend are now forced to share the same shelter. Indeed, its a thrilling journey that intends to spread a message of peace at the end.

Now what exactly happens ahead in this Natak is something that you should see yourself during one of the next shows of Safarchand Marathi Natak. 

Safarchand is a Marathi Natak that is translated from a famous Gujarati play, ‘Safarjan,’ which was written by Sneha Desai. The Marathi adaptation was artfully translated and brought in front of you on stage by Mugdha Godbole. The Natak’s translation from Gujarati to Marathi is really seamless, ensuring that the essence of the story and its artists remain intact.

#5 Excellent Casting (Kalakaar) With Brilliant Acting 

Safarchand Natak boasts an excellent cast, with each artist delivering brilliant performances. Shantanu Moghe, in particular, shines as he plays the character of Mohammed with exceptional acting skills. 

Directed by Rajesh Joshi, the entire cast (kalakaar) of Safarchand Natak puts in a commendable effort in bringing the story of Safarchand on stage. Kudos to Sharmila Shinde, Pramod Shelar, Sanjay Jamkhandi, Amir Tadwalkar, Akshay Vartak, Rupesh Khare, and Raj Aryan. Not to forget, big applauses for their producers – Bharat Thakkar, Praven Bhosle, and Ajay Kasurde.

Each of them portrays their respective characters with authenticity and passion, making you feel fully invested in their stories. Their performances complement the excellent direction and production design. 

Safarchand Marathi Natak Cast
Safarchand Marathi Natak Entire Cast

#6 A Powerful Theme Music That Adds On To The Experience 

The Safarchand Natak offers a complete sensory experience for its audience. A vital aspect that elevates the production is its powerful theme music, and it indeed adds to the emotional impact of the story. Background music by Sachin – Jigar is absolutely mesmerising as it is an amalgamation of traditional Kashmiri music and contemporary sounds. 

The music is perfectly timed and executed so well that it evokes the right emotions in the audience, creating a powerful connection with the story and its artists. 

Safarchand Marathi Natak is truly an immersive experience. The combination of the visually stunning set design, the outstanding acting, and the powerful music creates a truly unforgettable experience that promises to leave an ever-lasting impact on you. 

As soon as you step out of the theatre, you realise being just outside the world for a moment. 

If you’re looking for a theatrical production that stimulates all your senses, then Safarchand Natak is a must-watch!

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