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Now Avoid Traffic Challans On Indian Roads! Here Are 7 Effective Strategies You Can Use!

Do you know the traffic challans for jumping a signal, going in a no entry, are up to INR 1,500? 

Moreover, do you also know that the speeding fine for Eastern Freeway in Mumbai, Mumbai – Pune Expressway, Bandra – Worli Sea Link is almost INR 2,000? 

And it’s not just the amount, but the hassle that comes along with it is very irritating as well. 

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After personally being fined for jumping a red signal, speeding, lane cutting, and no entry, I have decided to make myself knowledgeable with the list of all traffic fines. Because of this, to save our hard-earned money, here are seven effective strategies you can use to avoid traffic fines/challans on Indian roads. Especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. 

Indeed, navigating the busy roads of metro cities in India can sometimes be challenging, especially when people try cutting lanes. Therefore, it is very crucial to stay informed about all the traffic rules and regulations in your city. 

Remember, driving responsibly is not just about avoiding fines; it is about prioritizing the safety of yourself, your passengers, and fellow road users. That’s why you need to stay informed, be vigilant, and drive with caution to ensure a pleasant and law-abiding journey on Indian roads.

In this blog, I have curated seven smart strategies that will help you to avoid hefty traffic challans on Indian roads. By following these tips, you can save yourself from getting your car’s picture clicked for unbelievable amounts and maintain a clean record.

#1 Stay Updated on Traffic Rules and Regulations

Traffic fines, traffic challan, traffic challans, how to avoid traffic fines, Indian, Traffic, Fines, how to avoid traffic challans

To effectively avoid traffic challans, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of all the traffic rules and fines in India. Traffic laws are periodically updated, so it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest changes. 

Regularly refer to the official government websites, such as the Maharashtra Traffic Police Department, for the most recent information. Adding on, stay updated with the latest traffic fines in Maharashtra by following our Travel Update Page as well. 

Being aware of all the traffic fines and offences will help you make informed decisions while driving and prevent any violations that may lead to traffic challans.

#2 Adhere to Speed Limits On Express Roads

Traffic fines, traffic challan, traffic challans, how to avoid traffic fines, Indian, Traffic, Fines, how to avoid traffic challans

Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations that can lead to hefty fines. Not only this, but it also poses a significant risk to your safety and the safety of others. 

To avoid getting caught by speed cameras, always adhere to the prescribed speed limits on different road types. Keep an eye out for speed limit signs and adjust your driving speed accordingly. Remember, most of the city roads have a speed limit of 50 KMPH – 60 KMPH. 

Did you ever wonder where those sneaky speed guns are strategically placed, just waiting to catch unsuspecting drivers speeding on the roads? 

Speeding cameras will always be placed at an unrealistic locations such as – 

A road where the speed limit seems like a joke, a mere suggestion that no one really follows. These are the sections where the traffic police know that drivers would tend to drive above the speed limit. Usually at slopes or curvy slopes where they are not visible from the far. 

Notably positioned strategically at the bend, it captures those split-second instances of exceeding the limit, leaving you with a not-so-pleasant souvenir of your daredevilry.

Luckily, there is a smart way by which you can avoid speeding fines on Indian roads by using the Radarbot Speed Camera Detector App

#3 Download the Radarbot Speed Camera Detector App And Be Alerted Before Every Speeding Camera or Traffic Police

RadarBot App

Imagine peace of mind knowing that you are aware of the road conditions and can adjust your speed accordingly. The Radarbot App alerts you 1 KM before any speed camera. Furthermore, it also alerts you about its speed limit as well as if there are any traffic police ahead. 

While this opinion is purely based on my personal experience, I must admit its immense usefulness. The application serves as a practical tool by providing you with timely alerts of speed traps, conveniently indicating their presence several hundred meters ahead. Remarkably accurate, it is accurate almost 80-90% of the time, making it a true game-changer in my experience.

#4 Always Carry Proper Vehicle Documentation

Traffic fines, traffic challan, traffic challans, how to avoid traffic fines, Indian, Traffic, Fines, how to avoid traffic challans

First and foremost, the traffic police can only stop you for a traffic offence and not just to check the documents. In 20221, the Commissioner Of Police Mumbai directed the traffic police not to stop vehicles just to check the document. Rather focus on streamlining the traffic to avoid congestion.  

However, you need to make sure that you have all the valid documents in the vehicle – 

  • Valid Driving License (Accepted through Digi Locker)
  • PUC
  • Insurance
  • RC (Accepted through Digi Locker)

Please Note – If a traffic police stops you for any offence, avoid handing him your physical driving license. Rather just show him the licence from the Digi Locker App. In this way, the cop cannot pursue you into suspending the license by not handing it over back to you. 

Indeed, driving a vehicle without proper documentation can lead to significant legal consequences. Ensure that you possess all the necessary documents required. 

#5 Imagine There Is No Yellow Light

Traffic fines, traffic challan, traffic challans, how to avoid traffic fines, Indian, Traffic, Fines, how to avoid traffic challans

It’s crucial to pay close attention to traffic signals and obey them diligently. Just imagine that there is no Yellow Light. 

Additionally, manual red light violations are seen more than the once which are captured through cameras. Clearly, in cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, you are most likely to spot 2-3 traffic police hiding just after a big Traffic Junction. 

Secondly, be vigilant about other signs such as “No Entry,” “No U-Turn,” or “One Way.” Ignoring these signals and signs can result in traffic violations and challans. Always follow the instructions conveyed by the signals and signs to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Now there may be some situations where you find yourself crossing an intersection when the traffic signal is transitioning to yellow or just about to turn yellow. In such instances, having a Dash Cam installed in your car can prove to be the ultimate saviour.

#6 Install A Dash Cam

Traffic fines, traffic challan, traffic challans, how to avoid traffic fines, Indian, Traffic, Fines, how to avoid traffic challans

One of the most effective strategies to avoid red signal challans on Indian roads is by installing a front-facing dash cam. Believe me, having a dash cam in your vehicle serves as solid evidence of your innocence in case of any violations. 

Not only does it provide video documentation, but it also serves as crucial evidence in the event of a collision or accident. By equipping your vehicle with a dash cam, you can enhance your safety and have the means to substantiate your actions on the road. 

I had personally experienced being rescued on two occasions when I was wrongly accused of manually violating a red light. The recorded video clearly displayed that I had crossed the white line while the signal was green. Indeed, showing the video to the cops helped me avoid getting a red light challan. 

Without any doubt, spending around some thousand bucks on a dash cam can, of course, save you from traffic challans. 

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#7 Be Patient And Co-Operative

Traffic fines, traffic challan, traffic challans, how to avoid traffic fines, Indian, Traffic, Fines, how to avoid traffic challans

In my personal experience, I have discovered this to be the most efficient method to outsmart law enforcement officers. Maintaining a composed state of mind truly enables you to hold your ground, particularly when you witness others openly flouting the law through actions such as driving on the wrong side, exceeding speed limits, or making reckless lane changes. 

Always be patient and kind to the cops. As even they are trying to do their job as well. 

By following these seven smart strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk of receiving traffic challans on Indian roads. Staying updated on traffic rules, adhering to speed limits, obeying traffic signals and signs, maintaining proper vehicle documentation, avoiding drunk driving, and practising defensive driving are all essential elements of responsible driving. 

Let’s strive together to create a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for ourselves and others while avoiding unnecessary penalties and ensuring road safety. Drive responsibly, and remember, a single decision can make a significant difference.

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