Traffic Fines In Mumbai
Traffic Fines In Mumbai

List Of All Traffic Fines In Mumbai – Now Find All The Traffic Fines In Mumbai At One Place And Keep Yourself Updated!

Are you annoyed by getting hit with unexpected traffic fines in Mumbai? Do you wish there was a one-stop-shop for finding all the traffic fines in the city? Look no further! In this blog, I will provide a comprehensive list of all traffic fines in Mumbai, as well as information on what is considered a compoundable and non-compoundable offence.

Talking from my personal experience, having all the traffic fines in Mumbai in one place is going to make our tasks easier. Because trust me, I have been in a place where I was not well informed about the traffic fines, and it caused me a lot of hassles. 

What Is Compoundable And Non Compoundable Offence?

In Mumbai, a compoundable offence is a crime that can be settled out of court by reaching a compromise or agreement between the accused and the victim. These offences can be resolved through mediation or by paying compensation to the victim. Some examples of compoundable traffic offences in Mumbai include minor disputes, No Entry in One Way, Riding without a helmet by both Driver & Pillion, and other minor traffic offences.

On the contrary, a non-compoundable offence is a serious offence which cannot be settled out of court and must be prosecuted in the concerned state’s or jurisdiction’s criminal justice system. These offences are considered more serious and often carry severe penalties. Examples of non-compoundable traffic offences in Mumbai include overtaking from the left, Not Slowing Down at Junctions, Zebra Crossing, etc.

Please click here to know the offence and the charges of all Compoundable and Non-Compoundable offences.

Under Which Offence, Driving Licence Can Be Suspended In Mumbai?

Here are some specific examples of offences which can lead to the suspension of your Driving Licence in Mumbai.

  • If you are caught to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above the allowed legal limit.
  • Reckless or negligent driving: Engaging in dangerous or careless behaviours while riding a motor vehicle. Offences such as speeding, not following lane discipline, or ignoring traffic lights and signals.
  • If you are involved in a traffic accident and do not stop to provide assistance or offer the necessary information to the other driver.
  • If you flee from the scene of an accident without stopping, you would be charged with a hit-and-run case and eventually leading to licence and suspension.
  • If you use a vehicle to commit a crime, for example transporting illegal drugs or weapons.
  • Depending on the laws of the state in which you are driving, if you accumulate too many traffic violations on your license.
  • If you are issued an e-challan or a traffic citation and fail to appear in court as required.

What To Do, If Taxi/Auto Rickshaw Refuses To Ply Passenger?

If a taxi or auto rickshaw driver refuses to ply a passenger in Mumbai, the passenger can file a complaint with the Mumbai Traffic Police. Here’s what to do:

  • Take note of the taxi/auto-rickshaw driver’s name, badge number, and vehicle registration number. Just click a picture of these details to be double sure.
  • Contact the main Traffic branch of the Mumbai Traffic Police at 022-23053992 or the Dial 100 number to report this issue/incident.
  • Provide all necessary details regarding the issue, including the driver’s name, badge number, and vehicle registration number. It is recommended to mention the location where the incident happened.
  • According to the complaint received, the respective department will take appropriate action.
  • It is also a good idea to click a picture of the taxi/auto rickshaw company’s name and contact information, as you may need to contact them to follow up on your complaint.

List Of All Traffic Fines In Mumbai

No.SectionOffenceFine (INR)Repetitive Fine (INR)
1Sec 4(1)/181 MVADriving Without valid License Below 16 Years of Age5,0005,000
2Sec 19 to 20/182 (1) MVALicense Disqualified Driver10,00010,000
3Sec 39/192(1) MVAWithout valid Registration Any Vehicle (Owner)2,0005,000
4Sec 3(1)/181 MVADriving Without valid License5,0005,000
5Sec 146/196 MVAWithout valid Insurance (Owner)2,0004,000
6CMVR 3(C)/177 MVADriving Without L Board5001,500
7CMVR 51/177 MVAIllegal Number Plate Similar To DADA/ MAMA/ BABA Etc.1,0001,000
8Sec 129/194(D) MVARiding without helmet by both Driver & Pillion500500
9Sec 184C MVA (2-3 Wheeler)Person driving the vehicle only to extent of use of handheld communication devices (2-3 Wheeler)1,00010,000
10Sec 194 B (1) MVAWithout Seatbelt5001,500
11Sec 119/177 MVANo Entry in One Way5001,500
12Sec 128(1)/194(C) MVADrive a motor cycle in excess of seating capacity1,0001,000
13Sec 125/177 MVAObstruction to Driver / Front seating5001,500
14MVDR 9/177A MVANot Slowing Down at Junction and Zebra CrossingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
15Sec 123/177 MVARiding on Running Board Outside Vehicle5001,500
16Sec 119/177 MVAMandatory traffic sign boards not obeyed5001,500
17Sec 186 MVADriver unfit (Physically/Mentally)1,0002,000
18MVDR 14(2)/177A MVAOvertaking from leftNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
19MVDR 6(1)/177A MVALane cuttingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
20MVDR 4/122 177A MVAWrong side drivingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
21MVDR 14(9)/177A MVAOvertaking obstructedNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
22MMVR 235/177 MVADazzling Light5001,500
23CMVR 105/177 MVAWithout Light after sunset5001,500
24CMVR 109/177 MVAWithout Parking Light5001,500
25MMVR 236(1)/177 MVALight not visible5001,500
26Sec 194 F MVAHonking repeatedly in residential/silence zone area1,0002,000
27Sec 194 F MVAProhibition on unnecessary use of horn/no honking1,0002,000
28CMVR 119(2)/177 MVAVehicles fitted or using multi honed horns giving harsh / shrill / loud or alarming noise / Multi-toned & shrill horn5001,500
29MMVR 239/177 MVAPolice manual signal violation5001,500
30MMVR 239/177 MVAPolice stop violation5001,500
31Sec 189 MVARacing / Speed test violation5,00010,000
32Sec 112/183(1) MVA (2-3 Wheeler)Speed violating by driver (2-3 Wheeler)1,0001,000
33Sec 184 MVADangerous drivingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
34MMVR 202/177MVAUnsafe-dangerous transportation Of goods5001,500
35CMVR 93(8)/190(2)MVA (2-3 Wheeler)Unsafe goods beyond body  (2-3 Wheeler)1,0003,000
36MMVR 226/177 MVAUnsafe Towing – 2-wheeler towed by another vehicle5001,500
37CMVR 100(2)/177 MVATinted glasses /Black Film5001,500
38MMVR 165/177 MVAWithout Mud guard5001,500
39MMVR 161/177 MVAWithout Side mirror5001,500
40MMVR 162/177 MVATV/video set on dashboard5001,500
41MMVR 232/177 MVAWithout Silencer5001,500
42CMVR 94(3)/177 MVATyres not in good and sound condition5001,500
43CMVR 104(1)/177 MVAWithout Red Reflector1,0001,000
44Sec 198 MVAUnauthorized Interference with vehicle1,0001,000
45CMVR 101/177 MVADriving Without Wiper5001,500
46Sec 178(3) MVARefusal to ply auto Rickshaw or to carry passenger5050
47Sec 178(3) MVARefusal to ply taxi / bus or to carry passenger200200
48MMVR 21(5)/177 MVAStop out of stand5001,500
49MMVR 21(14)/177 MVAInsufficient fuel5001,500
50Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 1)Excess passenger 1200200
51Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 2)Excess passengers 2400400
52Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 3)Excess passengers 3600600
53Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 4)Excess passengers 4800800
54Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 5)Excess passengers 51,0001,000
55MMVR 21(7)/177 MVAMeter flag down on stand (Motor Cab)5001,500
56MMVR 21(10)/177 MVACarry cleaner in permit vehicle (Motor Cab)5001,500
57MMVR 146/177Faulty Meter (Motor Cab)5001,500
58MMVR 21(18)/177 MVACab / Taxi driver without white Uniform (Motor Cab)5001,500
59MMVR 21(13)/177Shouting for passenger (Motor Cab)5001,500
60MMVR 21(16)/177Driver Smoking while on duty (Motor Cab)5001,500
61MMVR 21(18)/177 MVA RW S.O. 415(E) dt. 8/6/1989Without Prescribed Uniform (Tourist Cab)5001,500
62MMVR 23(1)/177 MVAObstruction to driver for carrying animal/thing (Goods Carrier)5001,500
63MVDR 22(2)(n)/177A MVAParking the vehicle alongside another parked vehicle/ Double parkingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
64Sec 185 MVADrunk and DriveNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
65MMVR 21(18)/177 MVAWithout Uniform (Non-Meter Tourist/Cab)5001,500
66MMVR 228 /177 MVADriving vehicle on Footpath/Cycle track without Permission of Police Officer5001,500
67Sec 5/180 MVAPermitting Driver to Drive MV Without License (Owner)5,0005,000
68Sec 39/192(1) MVAWithout valid Registration Any Vehicle (Driver)2,0005,000
69Sec 130(1)/177 MVAFailed to Produce valid License5001,500
70146/196 MVAWithout valid Insurance2,0004,000
71CMVR 139/177 MVAFailed to Produce Documents Within 15 Days of Demand in Writing5001,500
72MMVR 134(1)/177 MVAAdvertisement on transport MV w/o RTO permission5001,500
73MMVR134(6)/177 MVAUsing word / figure / drawing / sticker on vehicle (press / police / polite / advocate / etc.) on non-transport5001,500
74CMVR 119 (2)/ 177 MVAVehicle creating undue noise or alarming sound when in motion5001,500
75MMVR 239/177 MVAJumping signal5001,500
76Sec 179 (1)  MVADisobedience of Police order /direction750750
77Sec 190 (2) MVA ( 2-3 Wheeler)Road safety standards violation  ( 2-3 Wheeler)1,0003,000
78CMVR 102(2)/177 MVAWithout Red Tail Lamp or light1,0001,000
79MMVR 4/177 MVAValid Badge not in the name of HMV passenger carrier driver5001,500
80MVDR 22(2)(c)/177A MVAParking the vehicle on footpath / cycle track & zebra crossingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
81MVDR22(2)(b)/177A MVAParking Vehicle on main road where notified speed limit is 50KM per hour or moreNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
82MVDR 22(2)(l)/177A MVAParking the vehicle opposite another MV or as obstruction to other vehicleNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
83MVDR 22(2)(s)/177A MVAParking the vehicle in “No Parking” areaNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
84MVDR 22(2)(k)/177A MVAParking the vehicle away from the edge of the footpathNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
85MVDR 22(2)(f)/177A MVAParking the vehicle near bus stop / at educational institution / hospital entry or if blocking traffic signNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
86MMVR 249/177 MVAHMV without cleaner5001,500
87CMVR 51/177 MVARegistration Number or Letters Not as Per Prescribed Measurement5001,500
88CMVR 50/177 MVADisplaying / inscribing or writing letter / word / figure / picture or symbol on number plate5001,500
89CMVR 50/177 MVAVisibility of number plate on front and rear of vehicle5001,500
90CMVR 50/177 MVANumber Plate of Transport Vehicle Not Displayed at Four Places5001,500
91CMVR 50/177 MVARegistration Number of Taxi Not Painted On Dash Board5001,500
92CMVR 50/177 MVATrailers Rear Side Number Plate Not Displayed5001,500
93CMVR 50/177 MVANumber Plate Bears Personnel Name or Pictures or Symbols etc5001,500
94CMVR 50/177 MVALMV Number Plate Not at Middle with Illumination5001,500
95CMVR 50/177 MVARear Side Number Plate of Transport Vehicle Not Illuminated5001,500
96CMVR 50/177 MVANumber Plate Letters Not In English And Figures Not In Arabic Numerals5001,500
97CMVR 50/177 MVANumber Plate Broken5001,500
98MMVR 229(2)/177 MVAUnsafe goods beyond body No White reflector disc & additional Red lamp attached at the rear1,0001,000
99MMVR 20 (1) (ix)/177 MVAFailed to display valid badge(PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
10039/56/192(1) MVAWithout valid fitness certificate (Driver)2,0005,000
10139/56/192(1) MVAWithout valid fitness certificate (Owner)2,0005,000
102CMVR 50/177 MVANumber Plate with Unauthorized Colour5001,500
103CMVR 50/177 MVARegistration Number not In Four Digits5001,500
104CMVR 50/177 MVANumber Plate of Motor Cycle Not Parallel to Handle Bar5001,500
105CMVR 93(8) (iv)/190(2) MVA ( 2-3 Wheeler)Load extends to height beyond Limits/projection of load ( 2-3 Wheeler)1,0003,000
106CMVR 125 RW S.O. 1365(E) Dt. 19/12/2004/177 MVARight side door not locked – Rickshaw5001,500
107MMVR 21(18)/177 MVAWithout Cab Drivers I-Card (All Cab)5001,500
108MMVR 21(19)/177 MVAUnclean vehicle (Motor Cab)5001,500
109Sec 66 (I) r/w  Sec 192 (A) MVAWithout valid permit (Driver & owner or person in charge of the vehicle)10,00010,000
110Sec 190(1) MVADriving of defective motor vehicleNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
111111 Sec 190 (3) MVACarrying Hazardous or Dangerous Goods in contravention to the MV ACT and CMVR ProvisionNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
112Sec 197 MVACustody of Motor Vehicle without consent of Owner or Removal of Vehicle without legal authorityNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
113MVDR 22(2)(s)/177A MVANo ParkingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
114CMVR 103/177 MVADriving Without indicator5001,500
115MMVR 236/177 MVAHiding fully/partly number plate by placing load/other goods5001,500
116CMVR 50/177 MVADriving or parking vehicle on public road without number plate ( Vehicle registered but Number plate not displayed.)5001,500
117MMVR134(1)/177 MVAUsing word / figure / drawing / sticker on vehicle (press / police / polite / advocate / etc.) on transport5001,500
118MVDR 37 (2) 177A MVANO use of mobile phone by trainer while training learner driverNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
119CMVR 3 (b)/177 MVALearner Driver not accompanied with trainer5001,500
120MMVR 224/190 (2) MVA (2-3 wheeler)Restrictions on driving with gear disengaged/ Driving with neutral gear in ghats.  (2-3 wheeler)1,0003,000
121Sec 84 (G)r/w 177 MVAPermit Holder MV – Name and Address of the operator not painted or firmly affixed to every vehicle5001,500
122MVDR 22(2)(a)/177A MVAParking the vehicle where stopping prohibited/Vehicle abandoned on roadNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
123MVDR 22(2)(g)/177A MVAParking the vehicle in a tunnel Non CompoundableNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
124MVDR 22(2)(h)/177A MVAParking the vehicle in bus laneNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
125MVDR 22(2)(i)/177A MVAParking the vehicle in front of entrance or exit of propertyNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
126126 MVDR 22(2)(m)/177A MVAParking the vehicle obstructing other vehicle or cause inconvenience to any person500500
127127 MVDR22(2)(d)/177A MVAParking Vehicle within 50 mtr from the edge of Junction or inter sectionNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
128MVDR22(2)(j)/177A MVAPark Vehicle on Continuous yellow line Painted on curve sideNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
129129 MVDR 22(2)(0)/177A MVAPark Vehicle in permitted parking place beyond permitted time limitNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
130MVDR 22(2) (P)/177A MVAParked vehicle is other than permitted specified CategoryNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
131MVDR 22(2) (R)/177A MVANot Parking Vehicle as designated in parking lotNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
132CMVR 115 (7)/177 MVAFailed to produce valid PUCC5001,500
133MMVR 20 (1) (xvi)/177 MVAFailed to produce valid driving license on demand (public service vehicle) Driver permitted to produce within 48 hours of demand5001,500
134Sec. 6(1)/179 MVADriver found with two licenses in his name750750
135MVDR 14(5)(d)/177A MVAOvertaking on a bend/corner/turningNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
136MVDR 19(2)(ii)/177A MVAOvertaking within barriers of a railway crossingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
137MVDR 22(1)(v)/177A MVAStopping Vehicle on a level CrossingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
138MVDR 14(5)(e)/177A MVAOvertaking at junctions/intersections/zebra crossingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
139MVDR 14(5)(h)/177A MVAOvertaking in School/Hospital/Construction Zone areaNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
140MVDR 14(7)/177A MVAGiving right turn indicator to following vehicle for overtakingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
141MVDR 22(1)(ix)/177A MVAStopping the vehicle at mandatory “No stopping” sign”Non CompoundableNon Compoundable
142MVDR 20(2)/177A MVAOvertaking/U-Turn/drive backward in a tunnelNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
143MVDR 20 (3)/177A MVAParking/Stopping vehicle in a tunnel without genuine reasonNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
144MVDR 22(1)(i)/177A MVAStopping the vehicle at narrow roadNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
145MVDR 22(1) (ii)/177A MVAStopping the vehicle near or on a sharp bendNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
146MVDR 22(1) (iii)/177A MVAStopping Vehicle in an acceleration /Deceleration laneNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
147MVDR 22(1)(iv)/177A MVAStopping the vehicle on 5 meters before pedestrian crossing500500
148MMVR 162/177 MVADriver found watching digital motion pictures/videos while driving (Except route navigation)5001,500
149MVDR 22(1)(vi)/177A MVAStopping Vehicle 5 Mtrs or less before light signal or “GIVE WAY” or “STOP SIGN”Non CompoundableNon Compoundable
150MVDR 22(1)(vii)/177A MVAStopping the vehicle at bus stand when vehicle is other than busNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
151MVDR 22(1)(viii)/177A MVAStopping Vehicle on yellow box marked on roadNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
152MMVR 237/177 MVANot Stopping before stop line5001,500
153MMVR 23(1)/177 MVAExcess number of persons sitting in cabin of goods carriage5001,500
154MMVR 20 (1) (x)/177 MVAUnclean vehicle (public service vehicle)5001,500
155MVDR 4(5) 6(2)/177A MVAHeavy vehicles continuously driving in right laneNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
156Sec 194 B (2) MVAChild up to 12 years age not provided seat with appropriate child restraint system5001,500
157MMVR 231 (1)/177 MVALoud music played in vehicle5001,500
158MVDR 6(4)/177A MVADriver crossing white/yellow Solid lane lines at time of overtakingNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
159MVDR 11(1)/177A MVATurning left/right without hand signal indicationNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
160MVDR 16(4)/177A MVADriving slowly without good and sufficient reason to impede normal traffic flowNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
161MVDR 17(2)/177A MVAApplying sudden brake without genuine reasonNon CompoundableNon Compoundable
162MMVR 233/177 MVARestrictions on driving backwards/in reverse direction5001,500
163MMVR 233/177 MVADriving backwards/in reverse direction on road/in a parking/any other public place5001,500
164CMVR 109/177 MVADriving vehicle with parking light on5001,500
165MMVR 108/177 MVACarriage of persons in goods vehicle5001,500
166MMVR 163/177 MVADangerous projection5001,500
167MMVR 168/177 MVAUse of military/ police colours & registration mark prohibited5001,500
168MMVR 21(17)/177 MVAMisbehaviour towards passenger & others (motor cab)5001,500
169CMVR 109/177 MVARestrictions to carry dangerous substances/explosive/highly inflammable substance on Public Service Vehicle5001,500
170MMVR 20 (1) (i)/177 MVAAllowing any person animal or thing to be in the space reserved for driver (PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
171MMVR 20 (1) (ii)/177 MVAShouting for passenger (PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
172MMVR 20 (1) (vi)/177 MVA.Smoking while on duty (PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
173MMVR 20 (1) (vii)/177 MVAMisbehaviour towards passenger & others (PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
174MMVR 20 (1) (viii)/177 MVADriver without Khaki uniform (PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
175MMVR 20 (1) (xii)/177 MVAUnnecessarily delay the journey (PSV other than M.CAB)5001,500
176Sec 120/177 MVAMotor Vehicle with left hand drive without displaying mechanical or signalling device board at the rear side  (owner & driver both)5001,500
177MMVR 24 (2)/177 MVAFailed to display Badge (HMV passenger carrier)5001,500
178Sec 127 RW MMVR 222parking the vehicle obstructing other vehicle or cause inconvenience to any person (towing)5001,500
179CMVR 43/177 MVAForm No. 19 duplicate copy not produced5001,500
180CMVR 40/177 MVAIdentification card Issued by Dealer not produced5001,500
181CMVR 39 (2)/177 MVAOriginal T.C. Not produced5001,500
182CMVR 117/177 MVASpeedo Meter Wire fraud detected5001,500
183MMVR 54 (3)/177 MVAF.T. Form not submitted to local RTO within seven days of arrival in M.S. (Only White Number Plate)5001,500
184MVDR 22(2)(s)/177A MVANO PARKING (Clamping)Non CompoundableNon Compoundable
185Section 122/177 MVACausing danger, obstructions or undue inconvenience to other users of public place or to the passengers by allowing the vehicle to be abandoned or to remain at rest on any public place5001,500
186Sec 194 E MVANot providing way for emergency vehicles (Fire service or ambulance)10,00010,000
187Sec 182 (1) MVADriving the vehicle by a person who is disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving license10,00010,000
188CMVR 93(8)/190(2)MVA (Other than  2-3 Wheeler)Unsafe goods beyond the body (Other than 2-3 Wheeler)2,0005,000
189Sec 190 (2) MVA ( Other than 2-3 Wheeler)Road safety standards violation ( Other than 2-3 Wheeler)2,0005,000
190CMVR 93(8) (iv)/190(2) MVA ( other than 2-3 Wheeler)Load extends to a height beyond Limits/projection of load ( other than 2-3 Wheeler)2,0005,000
191MMVR 224/190 (2) MVA (Other than 2-3 wheeler)Restrictions on driving with gear disengaged/ Driving with neutral gear in ghats.  (Other than 2-3 wheeler)2,0005,000
192Sec 112/183(1) MVA (Tractor)Speed violation by driver (Tractor)15,00015,000
193Sec 112/183(1) MVA (LMV)Speed violation by driver (LMV)2,0002,000
194Sec 112/183(1) MVA (Other Vehicles)Speed violation by driver (Other Vehicles)4,0004,000
195Sec 184C MVA (LMV)Person driving the vehicle only to extent of use of handheld communication devices2,00010,000
196Sec 184C MVA (Other Vehicles)Person driving the vehicle only to the extent of use of handheld communication devices (Other Vehicles)4,00010,000
197Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 6)Excess passengers 61,2001,200
198Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 7)Excess passengers 71,4001,400
199Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 8)Excess passengers 81,6001,600
200Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 9)Excess passengers 91,8001,800
201Sec 194 A MVA (Extra 10)Excess passengers 102,0002,000
Traffic Fines In Mumbai


In conclusion, staying informed about traffic laws and regulations in Mumbai is crucial for avoiding unexpected fines and staying safe on the roads. By understanding the differences between compoundable and non-compoundable offences, knowing the circumstances under which a driver’s license can be suspended, and knowing what to do if a taxi or auto rickshaw refuses to take you as a passenger, you can stay informed and avoid any potential issues. 

Make sure to also familiarize yourself with the comprehensive list of traffic fines in Mumbai provided in this blog to avoid any accidental violations. Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience in Mumbai.

Sources/References/Credit – Mumbai Traffic Police

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