Rent A Car In Poland (Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash)
Rent A Car In Poland (Photo by Alex Jumper on Unsplash)

Now Rent A Car In Poland With An Indian Driving License: A Step-by-Step Guide!

Renting a car in Poland can be a convenient and cost-effective way to explore the country, especially if you’re planning to travel to multiple cities or regions. 

However, if you’re an Indian citizen, you might be wondering if you’re allowed to rent a car in Poland with your Indian driving license and what the process looks like.

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In this blog, I will be sharing my experience of renting a car with Carwiz and Discover Cars in Warsaw, Poland, during my travel in November 2022.   

Find Your Rental Car

How To Rent A Car in Poland? 

There are multiple renting websites over the net that offer online booking services. However, I would recommend you book your rental car from Discover Cars. Speaking from personal experience and research, they offer lower and better prices compared to booking directly from the operator via call or their booking desks. 

Moreover, they also offer 24/7 support, free cancellation, and no hidden costs. Discover Cars are present in more than 145+ countries, has 10,000 locations, with over 500+ partners, and work in 17 different languages. For easy navigation, do check out their prices and offers if you are also looking to rent a car in Poland. 

What Is The Cost Of Renting A Self Drive Car In Poland?

The average cost of renting a car for a day in Poland, including full insurance coverage from Discover Cars itself and excluding the price of the GPS Navigation device, is as follows – 

Car CategoryPrices in INR
Hatchback Economy (Fiat 500 or similar)INR 3,900 to INR 4,200
Medium Range Cars (Toyota Auris or similar)INR 4,200 to INR 4,500
Sedan Large Range Cars (Mazda 6 or similar)INR 4,500 to INR 7,000
SUVs (Skoda Karoq or similar)INR 4300 to INR 8,000
Van’s (Renault Grand Scenic 5+2 or similar)INR 8,200 to INR 15,000
Station Wagons (Kia Ceed STW or similar)INR 4,200 to INR 7,000
Premium Cars – (Mercedes Benz E Class or similar)INR 13,200 to INR 30,000

Should You Buy Full Insurance Coverage for Rent A Car?

I would strongly recommend you to buy the full insurance package while renting a car in Poland just to be on the safer side if in case anything goes wrong.

Please Note – Buy the full insurance package from the car operator/dealer itself while picking up the car. By doing so, you would only have to keep a security deposit of 500 PLN with the car operator. 

If you purchase the full insurance package from Discover Cars, you would have to leave a security deposit of almost € 1100.00 (~₹ 97665.00). Therefore, I highly recommend you not add the full insurance package from Discover Cars and directly purchase the same from the car operator when you pick up your car. 

Most of the time, both international debit and credit cards can be used to leave a security deposit with the rental office. 

Should I Buy a GPS Navigation Device For Rent A Car In Poland?

Google Maps are more than enough to show us the way and help us choose the correct path with proper lane directions as well. Hence, you can save money by not selecting the add-on of the GPS navigation device. 

Rent A  Car In Poland
Photo by <a href=httpsunsplashcomalvarordesignutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Alvaro Reyes<a> on <a href=httpsunsplashcomphotospvcfz7VCc3Iutm source=unsplashutm medium=referralutm content=creditCopyText>Unsplash<a>

Documents Needed To Rent A Car In Poland

First things first, it’s important to note that in order to rent a car in Poland, you’ll need a valid international driving permit (IDP). An IDP is a document that translates your Indian driving license into multiple languages and serves as official proof of your driving qualifications when driving abroad. 

You can obtain an IDP by applying for it online at Saarthi Parivahan’s official website. The application fee for applying for an international driving permit (IDP) in India is INR 1000. Once you have completed the online application and paid the application fee, you will need to visit your nearest RTO to submit the application by hand. 

The following documents are required to attach along with your online application for the international driving permit (IDP) – 

  • Online application slip
  • Payment confirmation slip
  • Indian driving licence copy
  • Visa copy of your destination country
  • 3 Photographs
  • Flight tickets copy

After submitting the above-mentioned documents at the RTO, you can collect your international driving permit (IDP) by hand the same day or the next day. You will be notified by the RTO officer about your date of collection. 

Once you have your IDP, you’ll be able to rent a car in Poland just like any other foreigner with a valid driving license. You’ll need to present your IDP, your passport, and a credit card when you pick up the car. It’s also a good idea to have your Indian driving license with you, as some rental companies may ask to see it as well.

Rent A Car In Poland
International Driving Permit From India

Please Note – I wasn’t asked for an international driving permit (IDP) while picking up my car from the rental office. They just needed to see my Indian driving licence, and that’s all. However, it’s always safe to have an international driving permit (IDP) handy to avoid any legal issues. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Driving In Poland

As for the things to keep in mind while driving in Poland, it’s generally similar to driving in India. You’ll need to follow all traffic rules and regulations, and it’s important to remember that in Poland, people drive on the right side of the road. At first, it might seem odd to drive on the right-hand side of the road, but trust me, eventually, after a few minutes, you will get used to it. 

It’s also a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local road signs and traffic signals, as they may be different from what you’re used to in India.

Lane discipline and respecting pedestrians are the number one priority while driving anywhere in Europe. Make sure that you follow, respect, and adhere to all the traffic rules. 

Rent a car is a very popular trend in Europe. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to explore some of the breathtaking scenery while cruising on the road. Every piece of information is available to you at your fingertips. 

How Do Petrol Pumps In Poland Work? How To Refuel Petrol/Gas In Your Vehicle?

Unlike Indian petrol pumps, you may not find a person to assist you in refuelling your vehicle. Most of the petrol pumps in Europe and Poland work with a self-service policy. You are needed to refuel the vehicle by yourself and pay for the amount at the counter inside the petrol pump shop. 

Last but not least, it is possible to rent a car in Poland with an Indian driving license, but you’ll need to have an IDP in addition to your passport and credit card. With an IDP, you’ll be able to rent a car and drive in Poland just like any other foreigner with a valid driving license. Just make sure to familiarise yourself with the local traffic rules and road signs, and you’ll be all set to explore Poland by car.

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