Aamne Samne - The Best Marathi Natak
Aamne Samne - The Best Marathi Natak

The Best Marathi Natak – Aamne Samne – A Blockbuster Hit With Modern Story – All Presented in A Hilarious Way

Aamne Samne” – is a magnificent Marathi theatrical play that I recently had the opportunity to see. It is directed and written by Niraj Shirvaikar. The story follows a humorous take on the intricacies of marriage.

When two generations start living in proximity, either of the two can happen between them – a difference of opinion or an exchange of ideas. Similarly, two couples in “Aamne Samne” begin to live side-by-side. One couple is younger, while the other adheres to more traditional values.

If you want to witness the clash of ideologies and the exchange of ideas between these two couples, this captivating drama written by Neeraj Shirvalkar is a must-watch. The Marathi audience is discerning and always appreciates true actor and their performances. This was evident when “Aamne Samne” hit the milestone of their 100th show and was met with thunderous applause and admiration.

What Is The Plot of Aamne Samne?

The plot of “Aamne Samne” revolves around a 50-55-year-old man. He is content in his marriage with his wife and his son, who is studying abroad. The son is married, and he believes that everything is going well.

One day, out of the blue, he is startled to learn that his son’s marriage is facing hardships, and they are having discussions about getting divorced. Listening to this, the lead actor Mangesh Kadam is struck with dismay.

Aamne Samne - The Best Marathi Natak
Aamne Samne The Best Marathi Natak

That’s when the actual drama begins. A comparison that will throw an irrevocable point of view on their marital life and their kids’ pragmatic life and association.

With impeccable acting by Marathi’s driving entertainer Leena Bhagwat, granted as the Best Actor in Zee Natya Gaurav Awards, this play is a fun treat for the audience.

It may appear as though this story is something we have seen before, yet no, this is where the genuine fun starts, as this show is displayed in an unexpected way. The narrative is unique and one-of-a-kind, which has never been done in commercial theatre until now.

Why Should I Watch Aamne Samne?

This play is essential in the Marathi theatre because until now, there has been a conflict between the previous generation and the present generation, and then there has been a trend to go ahead and listen to the thoughts of the present generation.

But I think it is imperative with this play that we should not only listen to the thoughts of the present generation but should imbibe and move forward.

Live-in-relationship or grapple, divorce or remaining together for a lifetime, this isn’t what “Aamne Samne’ talks about. It talks about the necessity to alter our viewpoint.

This is a play where the audience actively communicates with the on-stage characters as part of the act, making it more interactive. The idea of how necessary it is for the present generation and the previous generation to come together is presented in this play.

Aamne Samne - Best Marathi Natak
Aamne Samne Best Marathi Natak

The play not only won the best Marathi play award, but its supporting actors, directors, and writers, along with its lead actress, have earned accolades for their flawless and impeccable hard work and acting.

If you are someone who enjoys Marathi dramatizations and plays, “Aamne Saamne” is one theatre act that you should not miss!

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