Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE
Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE

INOX Insignia Or PVR LUXE? Experience the Best of Mumbai’s Luxury Movie Theaters With An Honest Comparison!

Gone are the days of cramped multiplexes or small one-screen theatres. Today, the cinema industry has evolved a lot since the early 20s. Movie-goers can now indulge themselves in luxury movie theatres that offer a more relaxing atmosphere with comfortable seating, state-of-the-art technology. And advanced movie-watching experience. Without any doubt, when it comes to experiencing the latest blockbuster movies in luxury, Mumbai has multiple options to offer, and only two names come straight up INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE. 

These leading luxury cinema chains, INOX, proudly offer their signature class experience of INOX Insignia and PVR offers the utmost comfort and luxury of PVR LUXE. Both theatres offer a premium movie-going experience with comfortable seating, high-quality sound and picture, and a range of authentic Indian and continental fusion cuisine options. 

But which one is the better choice? Here is an honest comparison between INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE, as per my experience. 

Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE
Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE Audi

Seat And Its Amenities

One of the main differences between INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE is the seating options available. INOX Insignia offers a range of seating options, including regular and premium seats, as well as private viewing rooms for a more intimate experience. 

PVR LUXE, on the other hand, only offers premium seating in the form of reclining leather seats with ample legroom. Both options are comfortable, but those looking for more variety in seating options may prefer INOX Insignia.

Inox Insignia at Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai, offers the utmost comfort of seating with on-call butler service and a wide selection of food menu crafted personally by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani. 

PVR Luxe at Maison PVR, Jio World Drive, Mumbai, offers a more personal and elegant experience. However, I personally didn’t find the seats that comfortable compared to Inox Insignia, as they do not have much of a reclining angle. The backrest doesn’t recline much and can feel a bit uncomfortable in between. 

Additionally, on-call service is much more efficient in Inox Insignia than in PVR Luxe. 

Blankets are also provided to guests in INOX Insignia; however, only on request. The same is not yet available in PVR LUXE at both Maison PVR, Jio World Drive, Mumbai and PVR ICON Phoenix Lower Parel, Mumbai. Along with blankets, some more amenities like refreshing tissues and free drinking water are also provided by INOX as well as PVR.

Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE
Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE Seats

Food and Beverage

Both INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE offer a range of food and beverage options, including popcorn, Indian, continental, authentic mocktails and a choice of chilled soft drinks, as well as a selection of hot food items such as burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas. Chef Vicky Ratnani crafts INOX Insignia’s menu. Both theatres offer in-seat service and feature a lounge area with a wider selection of food and beverage options available.

Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE
Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE Food

Overall Atmosphere

Both INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE offer a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere for movie-going. INOX Insignia has a more modern and upscale feel, with sleek interiors and a wide range of seating options. 

PVR LUXE has a more traditional, opulent atmosphere, with plush leather seating and elegant decor. Both theatres are well-maintained and offer a comfortable and enjoyable movie-watching experience.

Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE
Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE Ambience

Screen Size

In terms of screen size and features, PVR LUXE at both Maison PVR, Jio World Drive, Mumbai and PVR ICON Phoenix Lower Parel, Mumbai, offers wider screens compared to INOX Insignia at Worli, Mumbai.

Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE
Inox Insignia and PVR LUXE Screen


In terms of pricing, INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE are fairly similar, with both theatres charging a premium for their luxury experiences. However, INOX Insignia does offer a wider range of seating options, with prices ranging from regular to premium, while PVR LUXE only has one premium seating option. Indeed the prices may go up from INR 2,000 to INR 3,000 concerning the movie it’s playing at both INOX and PVR during weekends.

Overall, both INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE offer a high-quality and luxurious movie-going experience in Mumbai. Those looking for a wider range of seating options and a more modern atmosphere may prefer INOX Insignia, while those seeking a traditional, opulent experience may prefer PVR LUXE. Ultimately, the choice between the two theatres will depend on personal preferences and budget.

I personally enjoy watching movies at Inox Insignia, Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai, as it offers a 7-star-movie watching experience compared to PVR LUXE at Maison PVR, Jio World Drive, Mumbai and PVR ICON Phoenix Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Bonus Tip – If you want to enjoy INOX Insignia and PVR LUXE in the most affordable and cheapest way, try to book for morning shows before 12 PM, especially on weekdays.

INOX Rewards And PVR Privilege – Loyalty Memberships 

Inox offers Inox Rewards with multiple tier levels and some common benefits such as free popcorn, an invitation to exclusive movie screenings, free movie cancellation, etc. You earn points on every transaction at any INOX Cinemas, and these points can be redeemed completely in your next transaction. 

PVR also offers PVR Privilege that helps their customers to earn reward points on every movie ticket and food and beverage purchase. The points earned by you can be claimed as discount coupons in your next purchase at the cinema(online and offline). PVR Privilege offers benefits such as Invite to special screenings and Free Privilege Popcorn (Salted). 

To learn more about INOX Rewards, please head to their official website here
To know more about PVR Privilege, please head to their official website here.

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