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American Album Natak is the story of an Indian family (a mother, a father and their American-born daughter) based in America.
Murderwale Kulkarni is a sweet blend of comedy, suspense, and a dash of drama as you delve into the quirky and unique storyline. It is a A full-on comedy and Murder “K” - mystery thriller Marathi Natak by the best duo Vaibhav Mangle and Santosh Pawar.
Prem Karaav Pan Japun Natak, written by Sanket Shetge, and directed by Vishal & Deepesh, is a comedy love story that revolves around four characters. Prem Karaav Pan Japun offers a unique perspective on love and leaves a mark on us with one pondering question to think about! Should love have any boundaries or not?
Once an ISRO Rocket Launch is scheduled, they will announce its launch date and timings on their social media platforms approximately 4-5 days before the launch. Make sure to keep an eye on their social media handles to register for the physical launch.
Awagha Rang Ekachi Zaala Natak is a heartfelt musical story about Appa Velankar, a respected ‘Kirtankar’ and Jenny, an American return teenage girl. This Natak aims to bridge the generation gap between the old and the youngsters.
The story of Chanakya Natak revolves around the famous majestic tales of Chanakya & Chandragupta Maurya. This was the time when Chanakya, also known as Kautilya & Vishnugupt, dared to dream of a united India - “Akhand Bharat”. To bring in - One currency, One system, One law. Without any doubt, the partnership between Chanakya and Chandragupta stands as one of the most significant & strong partnerships in Indian history.
The story of Kuni Govind Ghya revolves around a once-in-a-love couple, Aditya & Sandhya, who are now planning to get a divorce. In order to get the divorce, they take the help of one of their closest friends, Vivek, who also happens to be a lawyer, to represent them and present their case before the judge.
The story of Kirkol Navre Natak starts with Anand, a middle-aged man who was once accused of a big fraud and has now been declared innocent after a year of imprisonment in jail. Now that he has been declared innocent by the court, he plans to come back home.
Brand Ambassador Natak, written, directed, & produced by Dr Dinesh Rasal, is a new comedy Marathi Natak that will surely leave you in fits of giggles from start to finish. Especially with the exceptional comedy skills of the cast and artists. At the heart of the story is the charismatic Dr Deshmukh. He has a vision to revolutionise healthcare, and he has just opened a state-of-the-art hospital equipped with cutting-edge facilities. However, he has one grand plan to add the ultimate touch of glamour and prestige to his hospital's inauguration - bringing in a celebrity brand ambassador. Thus, setting the plot for Natak - Finding a Brand Ambassador for his new hospital inauguration.